Chaplain Costin Speaks on Value of Sermon on the Mount

Chaplain (MajGen) Dondi Costin, US Air Force Chief of Chaplains, spoke at a spiritual resiliency luncheon at MacDill Air Force Base, Florida, in March — and he highlighted the practical value of the Sermon on the Mount:

To bring awareness on the importance of spiritual wellness, Maj. Gen. Dondi Costin, the Chief of Chaplains Headquarters U.S. Air Force…spoke of how the Sermon on the Mount, generally considered as the foundation for ethical conduct, relates to every day life.

“The thing about this entire speech, which takes up about three chapters in this very old book,” said Costin, referring to the Bible. “Is that if you spent your entire life trying to master the words in these three chapters, you would be an amazing person.”

An amazing person, indeed. Would that more people would head Chaplain Costin’s words — and the Words of Jesus Christ.


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  • Thank you thank you. We are seeing some truth spreading around out there. Hopefully hearts will open and accept Gods Holy word.