Christians, Commanders Lead Prayer Breakfast Around Military

US military commanders and motivational Christian speakers are leading prayer breakfasts throughout the military this year.

At Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Chad Robichaux spoke of his journey from Force Recon Marine to MMA fighter — by way of PTSD:

Robichaux addressed an audience of active duty Service Members and their families, during the annual National Prayer Breakfast on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., Feb. 2…

“I sat in the closet with a pistol, on and off, for two weeks trying to work up the courage,” he said. “Knowing the kids might find me. Wondering if I could make it look like an accident.”

Robichaux even dined at the table with the Commanding General, LtGen Gary Volesky, I Corp commander:

The official article doesn’t mention it, but Robichaux found redemption through Jesus Christ, and that’s the path he shares with others.

Though you may not recognize the name, Robichaux has a famous connection with Donald Trump. In October of 2016, Robichaux asked then-candidate Trump if he would advocate for religious programs as part of the effort to help those suffering from PTSD. It was in the answer to that question that Trump, speaking of the horrors of war, said “a lot of people can’t handle it.”  That set the political world ablaze claiming Trump called troops with PTSD ‘weak’.

Meanwhile, the Garrison Commander of Hunter Army Airfield, LtCol Kenneth Dwyer, was the keynote speaker at Fort Gordon:

Lt. Col. Kenneth Dwyer…The current Garrison Commander of Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah lost his left eye and hand after he was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade during his third combat tour to Afghanistan in 2006.

But the keynote speaker for the annual prayer breakfast encouraged attendees to focus on three things — being positive, fulfilling a purpose and having a sense of humor.

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein would have you believe that only milquetoast pseudo-spiritualists can be invited to speak at military prayer events, and that commander’s can’t even be associated with the announcement of the event, much less attend or be the speaker of one. When he thinks he’s found a moneymaker, Weinstein is quick to (anonymously) parade a few crying “clients” out to claim they’re scared and offended that such an event would occur.

Yet, oddly, no one seems to have complained about Christian evangelist Chad Robichaux, who advocates for religious solutions to PTSD, speaking at JBLM. There were no reports of any forced conversions at the breakfast, nor any claims that agnostics stumbled out saying their doubt had been assaulted. And LtCol Dwyer’s speech was lauded, not criticized. No one said they were there only because they felt they were being “voluntold” to attend by virtue of LtCol Dwyer being the speaker — or, in the case of JBLM, LtGen Volesky’s attendance. Neither event “scared” anyone for their persons, families, or careers so much that they ran to the news media for protection.

Is it just a coincidence that the only “constitutional travesties” with lines of anonymous outraged troops that show up in carefully crafted press releases are the prayer breakfasts Mikey Weinstein complains about?

It seems the rest of the military has prayer breakfasts just fine, thank you very much, without Weinstein’s “help”.

See how they’re eating their scrambled eggs and smiling during their prayer breakfast?

They’re all laughing at you, Mikey.