Satanic Temple Admits Monument is Useless, Demands Compensation

The Satanic Temple built a counter-monument to place next to a war memorial in Belle Plaine, Minnesota. The problem, as the Satanists apparently saw it, was the silhouette of a soldier kneeling at a cross-shaped headstone elevated Christianity.

In response to protests, the town created a “free speech zone” — which only created further protests. Ultimately the town decided the warring religious monuments weren’t good for the town and cancelled the entire idea, including the original kneeling soldier.

Not only was the two-foot tall steel silhouette “banned,” but so was the one created by The Satanic Temple.

The silhouette runs less than $100.

The Satanic Temple forked out $35,000 for their monument.

Now they want the government to pay them for their trouble:

The Satanic Temple’s attorney, Martin Flax, argues that the city’s decision violated his client’s First Amendment rights and constitutes a breach of contract. The nonprofit entity seeks $35,000 in damages — the cost of commissioning the piece.

The city seems unmoved, noting a permit is not a contract — and the Temple accepted a refund of their permit, anyway (though they say they haven’t cashed the check).

The Temple now admits their “movement” is so fringe their “monument” is essentially useless:

“We’re going to have a very difficult time finding another use for this,” said temple co-founder and spokesman Doug Mesner.

Mesner should probably see the deeper meaning in his own assessment.