A Bit of Hate Mail

It doesn’t take much to generate hate mail anymore. Thanks to the internet, merely stating an opinion means someone will see it who doesn’t like it. Statistically, it is likely one of those critics will be disagreeable enough to send you a note questioning your intellectual capacity or the legitimacy of your family lineage.

In that regard, receiving hate mail is almost as meaningless as getting credit card applications in the mail — despite Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s apparent belief that it means he’s “doing something right.” (Mikey probably thinks that bank junk mail is a testament to his financial status, too.)

That said, every now and then something gets said that’s just interesting or entertaining — or weird. In that latter category, Weinstein acolyte J. Chorazy has been sending novel-length emails to this site for years. They’ve long since been auto-deleted, but every now and then one sneaks through the filters. His persistence — particularly in the face of being completely ignored for years — is…interesting.

Then there’s this gem from another dear reader: 

You Christian Taliban [redacted]tards need to learn what true religious freedom means, and that you can not and will not force your stupid [redacted]ing 2000 year old beliefs on everyone else. GO [redacted] YOURSELVES!!

Our country was founded on the principle of the separation of Church and State. What don’t you stupid mother[redacted] understand about that????

If you want a theocracy take your sorry [redacted] to Iran or Afghanistan. I’m sure the Taliban would love some new Christiam extremist neighbors. [redacted] DONALD TRUMP, AND [redacted] YOU FOR VOTING FOR HIM!!

Cheery fellow, isn’t he? Sad part is it’s impossible to know to what he’s even referring (besides Donald Trump, of course). That said, he hits Mikey Weinstein’s main talking points, including the blanket assumption that Christians want to “force” their religion on others.

Of course, that comes from a community so weak-willed and bigoted it claims a Bible sitting on a desk or a table is “forcing” religion on other people.

Even Mikey Weinstein probably isn’t so stupid as to actually believe that. Instead, it’s little more than a legalese framework to obscure a bigoted intent — ultimately, the official restriction of the Christian faith and those who practice it.  To warrant state action against religion, Weinstein has to present the benign as nefarious — even if takes fictional machinations to do so.  It’s a time-honored practice that met its height in Europe in the 1930s.

Whether it’s hate mail or hateful actions, that which motivates those who loathe Christians and their faith is a sad insight to the state of their heart.

Predictable, but sad nonetheless.



  • Isn’t J. Chorazy forcing HIS religious beliefs on you?

    Then again, is there any chance that he has the mental capacity to see the irony of the situation he created? (From his language I’m going to say “Not no but [REDACTED] NO”

    • @Doug Evans
      Poor writing seemed to attribute that comment to him, when in fact it came from someone else. The text has been edited to clarify that. But your point remains valid for the original author.