Widespread Public Support for Col Bohannon Builds

The Air Force Times reports that the Family Research Council and American Family Association delivered a petition to the Air Force last week calling for the reversal of adverse action taken against Col Leland Bohannon.

The petition…was accompanied by a letter signed by a coalition of 31 religious liberty advocacy groups that also asks Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson to correct Air Force policy on religious expression.

The letter (PDF), signed first by Gen Jerry Boykin, reiterated the legitimate observation that the Air Force didn’t follow its own policies or the law in its actions regarding Col Bohannon.

While Col Bohannon has been mocked by an LGBT chaplains group — including by an active duty Air Force Lieutenant Colonel — he has been supported by US Senators and a growing number of civil liberties groups.  To this point, the US military has not responded.

The singular question remains: What will the Air Force do?