Martin Luther King, Jr, and Masterpiece Cakeshop

An interesting perspective [emphasis added]:

“There is nothing new about this kind of civil disobedience. It was seen sublimely in the refusal of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego to obey the laws of Nebuchadnezzar because a higher moral law was involved

If I lived in a communist country today where certain principles dear to the Christian faith are suppressed, I believe I would openly advocate disobeying these anti-religious laws.

– Rev Martin Luther King, Jr.
“Letter from a Birmingham Jail”
April 16, 1963

Some people have forgotten that Rev Martin Luther King, Jr, was also an advocate of religious liberty — and recognized the difference between “man’s law” and “God’s law.” The distinction — and stand — he makes above are unpopular today, which may explain why MLK’s reliance on and defense of the Christian faith have been either minimized or forgotten.


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