American Atheists File Lawsuit over Blessing of the Animals

A county-run animal shelter’s annual “Blessing of the Animals” is the subject of a federal lawsuit filed by American Atheists in New Jersey. As noted at the Religion Clause:

The complaint in American Atheists, Inc. v. Bergen County, objects to the use of public resources and employee time to promote and host a ritual that is performed by Franciscan clergy annually in honor of St. Francis of Assissi.

A member of the American Atheists — who knew about the blessing ceremony in advance — happened to show up in person (to adopt a pet, of course)┬ájust as the ceremony was occurring. Just in time to very conveniently be offended.

While a county pet shelter may not seem relevant to the US military, the contrived case very much is. After all, the US Navy “blesses the fleet” annually, certainly at a higher use of “public resources” than the shelter.

US military chaplains have also done similar “blessings of the animals” as well (it’s a religious tradition, regardless of where the religion takes place).

Think American Atheists will come after religious exercise in the US military?