Transgenders, Racists, Pedophiles: #WeAreAlreadyHere

LGBT activists are in a full-court press to convince the American public and military leadership they have a “right” to serve in the US military. One of their messages in that effort has been “We are already here” (#Wearealreadyhere):

In other words, according to activists, transgenders are already in the military, so they should be allowed to stay.  Their ongoing service, and the time and money it would cost to kick them out, outweigh any other argument.  (Ignore for a moment the fact transgender enlistment violated then-valid military and medical protocols to begin with.)

Apparently, they didn’t think that messaging through. Lots of “groups” are “already here” in the US military. Violent offenders, drug addicts, racists, thieves, murderers, etc, etc, etc — the military justice system proves every day that they’re “already here.”  And, just like transgenders up until last year, the military shows them the door.

To wit, a substantial percentage of Marine Corps court-martials are reportedly for child sexual abuse.

Clearly, pedophiles are “already here.” Does mere presence mean we should let them continue to serve? After all, #they’re_already_here.

Sometimes a hashtag just isn’t enough.



  • It’s a false equivalence to group transgenderism with the other “groups” you’ve listed. To wit, violent offenders, drug addicts, racists, thieves, murders, etc, etc, etc, and child sex abusers/pedophiles.

    • Mr. Challman,

      You are wrong, The equivalence was established thousands of years ago by a higher authority than you or me:

      (Romans 1:26-30)
      26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men…29 They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit and malice… God-haters, insolent, arrogant and boastful….30… they invent ways of doing evil….

      So called “transgenderism” is merely another form of homosexuality. Medically, it was not yet invented when the above was written, but the passage was certainly prophetic. “Transgenderism,” even more than ordinary homosexuality, is sexual chaos and that is destructive to any sense of military order and decency.

    • @Mike Challman, fair enough. What about the medically disqualified, bed-wetters, flat-feeters, etc.?

    • @Mike Challman
      Here’s a contrary view:

      noun: the condition of being equal in value, worth, function, etc

      Nothing above draws equivalence between being transgender and any of those other things. (That said, Michael Martin brings up a good point that they are all equally sinful.)

      Here’s another way to look at it: Just because a man and a woman discover they can use the same argument, it does not make the man and woman the same.

    • @Mike Challman, All the above are right, transgenderism is a sin just like all the others listed. Transgenders are trying to change the what God has created the person and sex they are supposed to be. As well, transgenderism is a mental illness which is why it is referred to as gender dysphoria.

      For a Catholic, I would think that you would know that this is a sin like homosexuality is, as well as the others mentioned, all need to be delivered and set free from the sin that they are entangled in by Jesus.

  • JD — You provide a nice definition of “equivalence”, although it is not a definition of “false equivalence” which is a specific type of logical fallacy.

    The essence of your argument is that all “’groups’ [who are] are ‘already here’ in the US military” should be treated in the same fashion. Yet the parallels you draw are not valid, as each of your examples involves conduct which is illegal under military law. Further, all but one of your examples involves criminal conduct which directly harms others (and the one which is arguably harmful primarily to the individual – drugs – is still explicitly, criminally illegal). As far as I can tell, the ‘harm’ to you, as it pertains to transgenderism, is that it violates your religious sensibilities. In your own words, “they are all equally sinful”.

    Of course, your “sinfulness” argument reveals another error, in this case the logical fallacy of appeal to authority. You argue that, because transgenderism and the criminal conduct you’ve listed are all sinful in the eyes of God, then they must be treated in the same manner by the military. But the US military is neither a religious organization nor is it governed by the notion of sinfulness, so that appeal has no application to the core issue and is flawed argumentation.

    • @Mike Challman

      The essence of your argument is…should be treated in the same fashion.

      Incorrect. Provide a citation of an assertion describing how anyone should be treated.

      You argue that…[they] are all sinful in the eyes of God, then they must be treated in the same manner by the military

      Incorrect. Provide a citation of an assertion describing how the military should treat anyone.

      You are arguing with the bogeyman you believe you see, instead of reading what is plainly here. That’s normally a sign of prejudice, but its also a sign of people so fixated on their own ideas they can’t believe others might think differently. Telling everyone else what they think and believe must be exhausting.

      By the way, you apparently need to look up “logical fallacy”. It doesn’t appear to mean what you think it means.

  • You are too funny. You ignore the plain meaning of your own arguments. Poster boy for ‘alternative facts’, I’d say.

    And I do indeed understand the concept of logical fallacies, hence my critique of your poor argumentation.

    Go Army, Sink Navy.

  • An “appeal to authority” is a logical fallacy only when that authority is not legitimate. All of life involves real and necessary authority relationships; otherwise you have anarchy. Citing an authority on issues of right and wrong, when the authority is sovereign on those issues, is not a fallacy, it is just common sense. God is sovereign on all issues, and He will have the final say, regardless of what Mr. Challman thinks.

    God’s authority and His judgment transcends all human authority, including the United States military and the U.S. government. They need to get their authority in line with God’s authority, not vice versa.

    • Thanks for your comments, Mr. Martin. An appeal to authority is a logical fallacy when the authority being cited does not have direct control over the issue at hand. I understand your desire that “the United States military and the U.S. government… need to get their authority in line with God’s authority”, but that desire does not change currently reality. US governmental institutions do not, as an entity, fall under any religious authority. Similarly, the earlier comments in this thread about the “sinfulness” of certain activities, offered as a justification for why those activities don’t belong in the US military, are logically fallacious for the same reason.

  • Mr. Challman,

    A side-by-side comparison of our statements boils down to your belief in a supposed “reality” where God is in control of little or nothing, whereas I believe He is in sovereign control of everything, including the U.S. government and all of it institutions. Your basic presupposition seems to be that, for all practical purposes, God doesn’t exist.

    So, of course, an appeal to something that doesn’t exist is a logical fallacy as far as you are concerned. I believe the opposite. We could debate the existence of the invisible God on this forum “until the cows come home”, but God’s existence is only seen through the eyes of faith. That is taught and affirmed over and over again throughout Scripture.

    The debate ended for me many years ago when God, by His grace, gave me faith and I became a “born again” Christian. You may now think He doesn’t exist and that appeals to His authority are illogical, but, in my opinion, you will one day find out that you are wrong. What happens then?