US Army Colonel Heaps Praise, Appreciation, Thanks on Mikey Weinstein

This might be a good example of why the Air Force discourages senior US military officers from personally corresponding with Michael “Mikey” Weinstein: 

From: “Anderson, Samuel G III COL USARMY CYBER COE (US)”
Subject: RE: [Non-DoD Source] Re: Final Results- Inquiry into Spiritual Fitness BBQ- Fort Gordon GA
Date: November 17, 2017 [edited by MRFF]
To: Mikey Weinstein

Sir, thank you.  I am appreciative of the patience you displayed while allowing the command to dig into this problem, and truly appreciative for bringing this to our attention.  As previously stated, we DO WANT to do the right thing.  It was a pleasure working with you.  RA VA MIL!



Col Sam Anderson personally “validated” Mikey Weinstein’s complaint — even though the official Army response did no such thing.  Col Anderson has essentially confirmed Mikey Weinstein’s accusation that his own Soldiers were

brutally subjected to fundamentalist Christian predators and bullies…

[who] trampled all over their Constitutionally-guaranteed civil rights…

[via a] MANDATORY Christian proselytizing and conversion event travesty…[of] ignominious shame.

Again, the US Army did not say anything remotely like that happened.  But Col Anderson gives the impression — now trumpeted by Weinstein — that Weinstein’s accusations were valid.

Now Weinstein has an official “endorsement” from the US Army, which he will proudly repeat, repeatedly, in an attempt to legitimize his political cause.

US Army Col Sam Anderson just became a fundraising prop for a self-serving religious bigot.

This is a lesson the US Air Force learned long ago — and even published guidance on that very topic.  Surely Col Anderson is aware of who and what Mikey Weinstein is.  But maybe that would make the situation all the more disturbing.

If nothing else, now everyone knows Mikey Weinstein has a friend in the leadership of Fort Gordon. That probably means this won’t be the last “victory” dance Weinstein does about some Christian violation of the US Constitution in the Army there.