Navy Chief Chaplain Helps Open Bible Museum

US Navy Chief of Chaplains Chaplain (RAdm) Margaret Kibben was one of a host of national and religious leaders who helped christen Washington DC’s newest museum: The Museum of the Bible.

“Hallow this moment, open this door to reveal how active and alive your word has been through the centuries,” Adm. Margaret Kibben, chief of the U.S. Navy chaplains, prayed to the audience of nearly 500 people.

US military associations with evangelical Christian causes — the Bible Museum is a project of the Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby — have brought condemnation in the past from such religious freedom “advocates” as Michael “Mikey” Weinstein. In fact, Weinstein has specifically equated Hobby Lobby with “Christian fundamentalists.” In further irony, Mikey Weinstein is particularly offended by the Bible, seeking to have it banned from view within the military (even on individual troops’ desks), removed from POW/MIA displays, and scrubbed from military hotels.

Despite Weinstein’s disdain for the Bible and Hobby Lobby, given that Chaplain Kibben is endorsed by the liberal PC(USA) (and a woman), it is unlikely he will complain. Weinstein tends to reserve his criticisms for conservative Christians.


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