Army Lifts Ban on Drug Abusers, Mental Health, Self-Mutilation

UPDATE: Army Chief of Staff Gen Mark Milley says the Army “has not and will not” approve waivers for these conditions, saying the USA Today article “mischaracterized” the source documents.

In an effort to boost recruiting, the US Army has eliminated its ban on waivers for potential Soldiers who may have a history of some mental illnesses and drug use:

The Army’s decision to rescind the ban for a history of mental health problems is in part a reaction to its difficulties in recruiting, Ritchie said.

“You’re widening your pool of applicants,” she said.

Awkwardly, that’s precisely the same reason given for eliminating the ban on another potential mental health issue: the confusion between one’s perceived and actual gender, or, more commonly, transgenderism.

Lifting such bans naturally increases the potential pool of applicants.  It also nearly guarantees that recruits of lower standards — and greater problems — will be recruited.

But, if you’re going to say sexually confused people should be allowed to serve because they’re patriotic and self-sacrificial, plus it will open up a pool of recruits in a time in which the service is experiencing a shortfall, then you can’t very well deny these potential recruits their “right” to serve either, can you?

Can you?

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