American Ally Bans Public Display of Israeli Flag

The Iraqi parliament “unanimously” voted to reinstate a law that bans the public display of the Israeli flag — an apparent response to Israel’s support for the recent Kurdish independence referendum:

Israel was the only country to publicly support the referendum for an independent Kurdish state in northern Iraq that took place in September…

In a show of gratitude for Israel’s support, Kurds proudly waved large Israeli flags at massive rallies held ahead of the vote…

Israel had long supported Kurdish uprisings against former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

For those keeping track, the United States of America has expended vast amounts of money, effort, and human life in “liberating” and then rebuilding Afghanistan, where it is essentially illegal to be anything but Muslim (or male, it seems sometimes) and Iraq, where Christians have essentially been run out of the country and now it is illegal to display an Israeli flag — because anti-Israeli sentiment doesn’t already run high in the Middle East.

The term “buyer’s remorse” comes to mind, though the cost to America and its military has been both tragic and severe.