Sex Professor Susan Shaw Joins Mikey Weinstein’s Charity

Susan Shaw, described as the “Professor of Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies at Oregon State University,” has joined Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s “advisory board.”

For the most part, Weinstein’s board members have been irrelevant, except likely as sources of income for the “charity.” (To wit, Weinstein’s research assistant Chris Rodda didn’t even know who her own board members were at one point.)

Shaw, though, is particularly notable for proudly expressing bigoted views that rival Weinstein himself.

For example, earlier this year Shaw employed gross generalization, non sequiturs, prejudice and general antipathy when she attacked both Donald Trump and Christians with such statements as

Trumpian evangelicals make no attempts to mask their quest for power…Both Rep. Michele Bachmann and Rev. Franklin Graham, for example, have attributed Trump’s win to God’s intervention…[T]his [is a] modern iteration of a deuteronomic theology — God rewards the good and punishes the bad…

Shaw’s prejudice is revealed in her active omission of the fact “Obamian Christians” similarly saw God’s intervention, and that all Christians believe God installs and removes rulers — whether they personally support those rulers or not.  That is not a “quest for power” — nor is it any more so today than it was under the last administration.

Shaw then went on a broad attack to essentially say Christians hate everyone:

Reflecting God’s judgment against those outside the circle of care, Trumpian evangelicals can insult, exclude, vilify, and discriminate against Muslims, Mexicans, LBGTQ people, people of color, poor people, and people with disabilities…

For example, Tony Perkins…pressured Trump and Republicans to oppose providing medical services for transgender military members.

Her scythe cut such a large swath it’s impossible to address the idiocy of her accusations (including the self-contradiction of Shaw’s own column featuring a picture of African American pastors praying with Trump). Suffice it to say that opposing “gender transition services” for men and women who are confused about their gender is not denying them medical services.  They are entitled to precisely the same medical services as any other service member.  It is also not “insulting, excluding, vilifying, and discriminating [against]” anyone. To wit, the military doesn’t provide elective breast enhancement surgery, either, yet Shaw does not claim the military is insulting women over that.

Shaw’s vitriol and personal animosity toward both Donald Trump and Christians colors every statement she makes — bias that always works in her favor, naturally.  And, like Weinstein, her intolerance appears to be tolerated because of the race, gender, and religion of her targets.

Shaw’s language and invective are even more notable in light of the fact she has both a Masters and doctorate from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary — albeit from the early 1980s.  She would probably describe herself as a Christian, though her theological statements in other columns might raise questions about that.

It would seem Mikey Weinstein has found a kindred spirit — or perhaps even a mentor — in Susan Shaw. It is difficult to tell which one of them hates Christians more.


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  • Anonymous Imperial Patriot

    The saddest thing is how the common person is so gullible that they’ll actually believe Shaw’s idiocy.