Senate Reaffirms Gen Dunford — Who Qualifies Transgender Support

Last week, US Marine Gen Joseph Dunford was confirmed for his second term as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

By voice vote on Wednesday, the Senate backed the highly respected, combat-hardened commander who’s received high marks from Republicans and Democrats.

Notably, in testimony for his re-confirmation, Gen Dunford appeared to come out against his Commander-in-Chief’s plan for banning transgenders from serving in the US military:

The top U.S. general told lawmakers Tuesday that he advised President Donald Trump that transgender servicemembers should not be separated from the military based solely on their gender identity.

“I can promise that that will be my advice…” [said] Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford…

Notably, however, Gen Dunford’s comments seem to be very pointedly focused only on those currently serving [emphasis added]:

I believe any individual who meets the physical and mental standards and is worldwide deployable and who is currently serving should be afforded the opportunity to continue to serve.

It is possible Gen Dunford supports the ban on allowing new enlistments of transgenders — he just doesn’t think those who “came out” after President Obama changed the policy should so abruptly be shown the door. It is fair to say the issue of currently-serving transgenders is a challenge to resolve with compassion given the military’s ban on them serving.

That said, in the quote above Gen Dunford repeated the same somewhat malleable line as others:

any individual who meets the physical and mental standards…

If the “mental standards” now include a consistent view of one’s gender with one’s biology — the same medical “mental standards” that existed for decades — then Gen Dunford does believe transgenders should be discharged, because they fail to meet standards.

The line “briefs well,” but in execution it seems meaningless.

While to some there may seem a simple solution, it is worth noting there are even biblical examples in which, in essence, God acknowledged man ‘never would have gotten himself into this situation’ if he’d just obeyed — but now that he is, the situation needs to be dealt with as it stands.

Yes, Truth and justice must be upheld — as can compassion and mercy.