Air Force Senior NCO Gives Backhanded Endorsement of MRFF

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s “charitable” Military Religious Freedom Foundation received an interesting endorsement from a serving Air Force Master Sergeant. The comment occurred in response to the recent Stars and Stripes coverage of Chaplain Sonny Hernandez:

Justin Blackwell These are the cases MRFF needs to focus on, not the usual clownshow of little crap that makes them look like zealots.

That glowing “endorsement” apparently came from US Air Force Master Sergeant Justin Blackwell. It would seem he supports Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s efforts, even if he’s not always in agreement with the relative importance of the target.

There should be no doubt Weinstein has friends and allies within the military who are more than willing to support his personal vendetta against Christians. That over the past year even Weinstein’s allies think his “clownshow” has focused on “little crap” — a point noted repeatedly here, if in different terms — indicates how far Weinstein has had to stretch to find something over which he could be offended.

That MSgt Blackwell would want Weinstein to act on Chaplain Hernandez’s case seems to indicate he doesn’t fully understand either the US Constitution or the construct of his own Service.

Notwithstanding the MRFF’s general bigotry toward Christians, what action has Chaplain Hernandez taken that would warrant the ire of a legitimate religious freedom group?

If MSgt Blackwell thinks Chaplain Hernandez’s words warrant official sanction, he might need to consider a little introspection.