Air Force Wrongly Criticized for 100% Promotion Rate

The US Air Force recently declared it would promote 100% of its eligible Captains to the rank of Major. This differs from past practice in which an otherwise qualified officer might not be promoted only because of an administrative limitation on personnel, not any issue of merit. A failure to promote to the rank of Major is essentially career-ending.

The decision is being criticized in some circles for the alleged reduction in standards being used to fill a gap in recruiting and retention.

Irony abounds.

First, there isn’t a recruiting and retention crisis. Just ask any LGBT activist, as they assert that DADT repeal opponents’ claims of an impending recruiting and retention crisis wouldn’t come to fruition. It can’t. By opening up recruiting to the vast demographic of homosexuals and bisexuals, the military was supposed to solve not only its recruiting and retention issues, but also its manpower shortages in critical career fields. Evidence of the contrary — like a personnel shortage or an inability to retain highly skilled manpower — would undermine the LGBT agenda.

Second, if the military is so desperate for warm bodies that it needs to change its policies to accept transgenders — even though doing so would incur substantial logistical challenges and risks further eroding the military’s reputation for honor and moral authority — then why not promote every available Captain with a pulse?

After all, they’ve sacrificed, served, bled for their country, served with honor, etc., etc., too. Why shouldn’t they be promoted (and therefore retained) if all that matters is their patriotism? What possible justification could there be for this discrimination against otherwise qualified Captains?

Unless, of course, the purpose of changing retaining and recruiting standards on the basis of sexuality has some other purpose.

The potential repercussions of an unbounded — and not thoroughly thought out — demand for social experimentation are enlightening.

Isn’t a consistent moral standard much simpler?

From the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female.’
Mark 10:6


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