Mikey Weinstein Represents “Uncomfortable” Clients

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein has had a tough year. Since January his “charity” has made little headway in his attacks on Christians in the military. Weinstein has apparently struggled to find stories or those willing to complain — with the result that both he and his verbose research assistant Chris Rodda have been uncharacteristically quiet.

The religious environment in the military is so “bad,” in fact, that Weinstein is now relegated to “representing” people in government who are “uncomfortable”:

According to Weinstein, [intelligence] agency employees don’t want to go public with their complaints because of fear of retribution or being labeled as “leakers.”… But certain things are making them especially uncomfortable, such as officials signing off with the phrase “have a blessed day.”

That’s Jenna McLaughlin’s take at Foreign Policy last week, where she questioned whether (Christian) Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo was “killing” the CIA’s “diversity.”

Weinstein hyped the fact he “provide[d] insight” to her article. His “insight” was a one-liner that said some people are “uncomfortable” with someone saying “have a blessed day” — which Weinstein, a seemingly ardent conspiracy theorist, apparently views as some kind of code for Christians trying to take over the world.

That’s the extent of the “war” Mikey Weinstein is fighting right now.

Oh, how the “mighty” have fallen.