USAFA Supe: Return of the Bomber Pilot?

The local Colorado Springs Gazette (repeated at the Stars and Stripes) profiled new US Air Force Academy Superintendent LtGen Jay Silveria last week [emphasis added]:

Silveria has flown combat missions over Iraq and the Balkans at the controls of the F-15E Strike Eagle, arguably the Air Force’s most effective bomber.


While the F-15E is classified as a fighter by the Air Force (thus the “F”, not “B”), it is also sometimes pejoratively called a “Mudhen” because of its air-to-ground focus. The F-15E has also¬†been jokingly called the F/B-15E and the “BEagle,” for the fact its most prominent role is carrying and delivering air to ground ordnance — despite the fact it is based on the air-to-air only F-15C

Kudos to columnist Tom Roeder for pitching in to that fight.



  • Anonymous Imperial Patriot

    Are you being sarcastic, JD?

    Show some respect for the F-15E; I am sure that it could easily wipe out your precious F-16 in a one-on-one fight.

    • @AIP
      You may be confusing the F-15C and the F-15E. The F-15C is a formidable air-to-air fighter. The F-15E is essentially a bomb truck.