Reformed Transgender Walt Heyer: Trump is Right

From Walt Heyer at The Federalist, who describes himself this way:

I felt distress at being a boy and longed to be a girl starting at the age of 4. I underwent full gender reassignment at age 43 and lived as a woman for eight years. Now I have more than 70 years of first-hand life experience and 20 years of researching the topic.

Now he’s preaching to others what he says he learned firsthand: Giving people drugs or physically changing their appearance won’t solve their issues:

The science is not settled on the effectiveness of gender transitioning, which is a good reason to resist forcing taxpayers to pay for what is quite likely to turn out to harm rather than help gender dysphoric people…After reassignment surgery, people still have excessive high rates of suicide attempts and unresolved mental disorders, indicating that changing genders is not effective in improving the lives of individuals who suffer with gender dysphoria.

His write up includes citations of a variety of statistics undermining the current transgender narrative:

A 2011 long-term follow-up of transsexual persons undergoing sex reassignment surgery found that “Persons with transsexualism, after sex reassignment, have considerably higher risks for mortality, suicidal behavior.”

There can be a “pragmatic” argument about how transgenders should or shouldn’t be medically treated or whether they should or should not serve in the military.  There can be an argument about the practicalities or political sensitivities about special rights or accommodations for behavioral choices. Those arguments, however, inevitably end up being complicated relativistic arguments about economics.

Their remains a simple (if not always easy) absolute moral standard.

God created…

Still, it’s an interesting read.