Navy Asks, Shares, Learns about Fellow Troops’ Sexual Behaviors

The Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division celebrated LGBT “pride” last month, with its commanding officer saying they should all make a point to know more about each other — presumably, given the context, referring to each other’s sexual practices. US Navy CAPT Godfrey “Gus” Weekes said:

LGBT Pride Month affirms our commitment to increase awareness, mutual respect, and understanding of all members of our workforce. Let’s take the theme ‘Ask, Share and Learn’ to heart and embrace knowing more about our colleagues and celebrating our collective diversity…

When you hear about events like these, make a point to go to them and learn something new about your co-workers.

While sex-talk used to be a private matter that would have made decent folk blush, “knowing more about our colleagues” is an admittedly admirable goal — and one that should likely be sought outside of a sexual celebration. Perhaps the NSWCDD should hold a similar “Ask, Share, Learn” on Religious Freedom Day next year to achieve the same objective.

Of course, while sexuality gets talked about for a month, religious freedom gets a mere 24-hours, so they’ll have to make it short.