The Conflict Between Transgender Military Policies and Religious Belief

“[US troops] who…subscribe to Christian belief as set forth in the Bible [believe] that God created humans male and female; that sex is innate, and unchangeable; and that their faith prohibits them from seeing or being seen in a state of undress, and from sleeping, showering or performing private bodily functions with members of the opposite sex who are not their spouse.

“These [service members] are also aware and subscribe to the belief that science confirms the biblical account: there are over 6,500 unique differences between males and females, beyond the xy and xx chromosome differences that are embedded in male and female DNA. These differences are encoded genetically and manifested physiologically before birth, and remain throughout life.

“Physiological differences between males and females are recognized by differential physical training and fitness standards set forth by DOD and the armed services. Traditionally, DOD policy has respected basic American cultural, religious and scientific beliefs that govern societal relationships and interactions between the sexes.”

Courtesy of the Liberty Counsel.



  • This question, perhaps, applies more to Liberty Counsel, than to CFP, but I am sincerely curious. How does your theology/Biblical interpretation inform you on matters of people born with intersex/hermaphroditic characteristics? Also, how about folks with XXY or XYY chromosomes or all sorts of gender chromosomal genetic abnormalities (see ) which may affect all sorts of things physiological and endocrinological, and perhaps even psychological?

    I am not picking a fight; I am sincerely very curious. I am not sure that the Bible addresses these specific genetic issues and circumstances, yet they are very real — and sometimes very physically and emotionally painful — to the people who experience such.

    Thanks, in advance, for your kind and thoughtful response. If you prefer not to publically respond that is fine; please feel free to do so privately.

    • Mr. Plummer, the Bible teaches that “God made them male or female” (Matt. 19:4). This is a a verse that is found the Bible that all Christians should be aware of, but then again, I do not believe you are a Christian.

    • @David Plummer
      The Bible informs Christians the same way with regard to all people. They are His creation and have instrinsic value because they are made in His image.

      Your question isn’t terribly relevant. The context of the statements above is the military and those who describe themselves as transgender. Your question implies an equivalence which intersex individuals would likely find offensive. That said, you might find the discussion at this link informative.

  • Thank you, JD, that link was kind of / sort of helpful. I am/was not really discussing transgenders specifically, as I was addressing genetic aberrations in gender and how your and others’ theology informs you on how to perceive them and care for and about them — or not. My guess/presumption is that intersex folks are likely an uncomfortable reality that are hard to explain and minster to.

    And SH, please re-read Romans 14. I think you are dangerously close to judging a fellow Christian. Just because I do not see or think as you, does not mean that I am wrong or not a Christian. There are Christians beyond your own flock and worldview. I point you to John 10.

    • Mr. Plummer, those whose are born hermaphrodites and with three chromosomes are are less than 1% of the population, so it does not factor into the whole issue of homosexuality and transgenders.

  • Why do “Christians” say that “h” word opposite of heterosexuality so much? Like we don’t say the word “heterosexual” so much so why do heterosexuals “straights” say ours so much in a hostile way?

  • I’m Christian and no heterosexual.

  • I’m Christian and not Bisexual.