President Trump Praises James Dobson, Recipient of Award

Dr. James Dobson, who founded Focus on the Family and now heads FamilyTalk, was recently awarded the Winston Churchill Lifetime Achievement Award at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Patriot’s Gala. The event was attended by Vice President Pence:

Pence referred to Dobson as “his mentor.”

“You’ve done more for faith and freedom in your lifetime … than any one person could do in ten lifetimes,” he told the conservative leader.

“Not only is your country grateful, but I say with confidence, great is your reward. You’ve made an eternal difference in the lives of millions.”

Dr. Dobson also received praise from President Trump, who congratulated Dobson personally and indicated why faith and freedom were so important and connected:

Liberty comes from our Creator. Our rights are given to us by a divine authority, and no earthly force can ever take those rights away.

Can you imagine President Obama or Vice President Biden praising Dr. James Dobson’s contributions to “promote and protect family values” — and noting with fervor that our liberty comes to us from “divine authority”?