US Military Events Celebrate Attack on Police

The Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam 2017 LGBT Pride Month event (an observance executed even though there is no “pride month” this year) continued what has become a near tradition of creating revisionist history. The article by PO2 Gabrielle Joyner said [emphasis added]

Neal was the first to take the stage and opened his remarks by recounting the history of civil rights for LGBT Americans, starting with the June 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York, a three-day event that occurred when patrons and supporters of the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village resisted police harassment of the LGBT community.

Due to less than ideal journalistic formatting, it is unclear if those thoughts are Neal’s or Joyner’s. In either case, the characterization of that event is improperly presented as fact without critique.

The Stonewall riots were not some kind of utopian “resistance” of police.  The police were attacked with bottles and rocks, and when the police retreated from the onslaught into a nearby bar, members of the progressive, tolerant “resistance” tried to set the building on fire.

In what world is an attack on law enforcement worthy of celebration — by members of the US military, no less?

As expected, the world has already seen darkness presented as light — and this may be the clearest example yet of people who are “good” being called “evil”.  Activists are (potentially successfully) rewriting history to portray a violent sexually-based riot as the “righteous” act in the face of oppression by society and the police.

And they’re doing so on a stage provided by the US military.

In an era in which the Nation’s local police forces are under siege, it is reprehensible that US military events should be used to honor those who have attacked the real heroes, those who stand with honor to risk their lives to “serve and protect”.

Update: The US Navy at Military Sealift Command in Norfolk similarly “commemorated” the events at Stonewall, using almost exactly the same language as Naval Hospital Bremerton — indicating the wording of the “commemoration” of the attack on police may be standardized at Navy headquarters.  The Army went further, saying “Pride Month is celebrated” because of “an uprising to resist police harassment and persecution” at Stonewall.


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  • Anonymous Imperial Patriot

    You shouldn’t be surprised, JD; Immoral people always try to claim the moral high ground.

    It is shocking how similar the LGBT community is like the SS.