LGBT Advocates Make Outstanding Argument — Against Their Own Cause

Navy retired RAdm Michael Smith and Coast Guard retired RAdm Alan Steinman wrote an opinion piece in the Military Times calling on the DoD not to delay the inclusion of transgenders in the US military.  (This appears to be part of an organized campaign by homosexual activists to staunch the losses in their influence and their social “gains” following the election of President Trump.)

This was their shocking conclusion, in which they provide the counterargument to their demands [emphasis added]: 

When military leaders make decisions on the basis of evidence and rational deliberation, sound policy usually follows. But when the military makes decisions on the basis of discredited arguments that have no basis in fact, and that serve only to conceal emotion and politics, the military’s mission is compromised to serve the narrow agenda of a few.

Bravo, Admirals. You just provided a rational basis upon which to reinstate the ban on homosexuals, bisexuals, and transgenders in the US military.

They finished with [emphasis added]:

It is time to…treat all LGBT personnel according to the same standards that apply to everyone else.

It would seem these two retired admirals are yearning for the days — just a few years ago — when, for example, any person who had a mental state that deviated from reality was considered unfit for military service. It seems that standard no longer applies to those who want to define their own “sexual reality,” but it still applies to “everyone else.”

There is evidence, rational deliberation, fact, and a standard in this world. Would that we were all as forthright as these gentlemen — even if unintentionally — and appeal first to this truth, rather than the divisive, emotional, and political appeals that seek to “serve the narrow agenda of a few” rather than accomplish the mission or seek the greater good.



  • And STILL no evidence that “the military’s mission is compromised” when you broaden the recruitment pool to include gay people. But please, keep whining.

    • @Donalbain
      1. Even the military acknowledges there has been no improvement in readiness
      2. It is indisputable that the “workload” and/or “distractions” on the US military have increased over issues of sexuality.
      3. There has most certainly been conflict created by these policies that would not otherwise have occurred.
      4. How can you possibly view increasing the effort without improving effectiveness positively?

  • If you have some who believes in Vishnu, and someone who believes in Yahweh, surely at least one of them has a mental state that deviates from reality…

    • @Donalbain
      Alternatively, it is the person making that judgment who has the problem with reality. Regardless, in America that’s a freedom protected from government interference by the US Constitution. The “right” to believe you’re a Pomeranian — or that a five-foot-nine Caucasian male can be a six-foot-five Chinese woman if that is how he feels? Not so much.

  • So, still no evidence. As expected.