Pilots Join DC Gay Pride Parade

Every now and then someone critiques the idea of there being a “Christian Fighter Pilot.” For some (generally non-Christians), it is the perceived “oxymoron” of being a follower of Christ while simultaneously being a military combatant. Many who are trying to find something to gripe about critique the idea that there needs to be a “descriptor” to discriminate about types of fighter pilots. Why not just be fighter pilots?

In fairness, though, Christians haven’t been the only ones to “celebrate” their contribution to the military mission — or even being a fighter pilot. For example, a few years ago, the Atheist Fighter Pilot made a short-lived showing here, and religious groups and organizations have sprung up for a variety of faiths.

Apparently, pilots can be known for their faith, their lack of faith…

…and how they like to have sex.

This past weekend, one of the participants in the Capital Pride Parade — the DC gay extravaganza also supported by the US military — was the National Gay Pilots Association.

Because nothing says character, integrity, and competence as an aviator like sex.

If you’re “curious,” the NGPA will help you find an “LGBT-friendly flight school.” They’re vague about what, precisely, that is, though they imply they can help interested parties find a flight instructor that supports their (homosexual) sexual preference.

In so doing, they are blind to their own hypocrisy. If all that matters is that someone be able to fly and/or instruct well — that is, they believe sexuality is irrelevant — then why are they trying to make sexuality relevant?

Worse still, they are also blind to their social privilege. If heterosexual men set up a website for finding “male-friendly flight schools” — as defined by their desired method of sexual behavior — it would be called sexist and one-step shy of an escort service. When homosexuals do it, it’s “progressive.”

A tiny percentage of the American population becomes a pilot, and an even smaller portion is part of the “gay pilot” community. The NGPA counts only about 1,100 dues-paying members. Yet this association of pilots — a group whose raison d’être is sex — actually has an extensive list of corporate sponsors:

  • United Airlines, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines
  • Delta Airlines, EndeavorAir, Piedmont Airlines
  • GoJet Airlines, Mesa Airlines, PSA Airlines
  • Skywest Airlines, XOJet, ExpressJet
  • AOPA
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • Epic Flight Academy
  • ASA
  • David Clark

Those corporations also sponsor scholarships the NGPA awards. According to the NGPA criteria, to qualify for one of those monetary awards, you have to have done something “positive” for the “LGBT community.” In other words, you don’t have to be homosexual to receive a scholarship, but you do have to be pro-homosexual to get one.

That would seem to discount any Christian, Muslim, most Jews, and probably about 75% of the American population from receiving a scholarship. (Then again, maybe evangelism of homosexuals would be considered “positive”…) So much for being “inclusive.”

Oh, and the NGPA also has the “gayest” parties, according to their website:

We also throw some of the best (and gayest!) aviation events ever!

Given that these kids probably never heard of Fred Flintstone, it’s kind of creepy that they’re spending hundreds of thousands of donor dollars on “aviation events” that they make a point of describing sexually.

Presumably those gay-galas are the primary reason for the 501(c)3 status the group holds. Over the past two years, the NGPA has spent more than $250,000 on “events”, and aside from a few ancillary housekeeping expenses, those parties are pretty much all they spend their “charity” money on.

Worse yet, in 2015 they reported $0 in program expenses — meaning they didn’t spend a single dime actually performing the mission of their “charity” for pilots.  Instead, they categorized nearly $170,000 in “events” expenses as “fundraising.”  Given that those “events” are described as one of their core missions, it seems possible that is an accounting error.  (To their credit, they don’t report paying a cent to any officer, in contrast to Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s self-paying charity.)

Still, it does seem like the NGPA largely exists to help homosexual pilots get together for tax-deductible gay bashes, and it seems a significant number of aviation related corporations are more than happy to help out. With USAA supporting Ashley Broadway’s yearly AMPA “gay gala” and these companies supporting the NGPA, it’s almost as if corporations in America feel obligated to bend over to appease a small segment of society — and they just assume the rest of society won’t be alienated (or care enough to do anything) while they’re at it.

In any other era, this story would be easily confused with The Onion or other satire, but it’s not. It’s kind of pathetic, but it’s true.

Looking for a sexual community of pilots? The National Gay Pilots Association is there for you.