Group: Choose Military Readiness or Transgender Politics

The Conservative Action Project recently called on President Trump to fulfill his mandate to “restore the strength of our military” by eliminating Obama-era policies that “hinder” the mission [emphasis added]:

Conservative leaders urgently suggest that the Trump Administration review and rescind the Obama-era policies that hinder military readiness and overall effectiveness. Politically correct policies have been imposed largely through administrative fiat. They can be removed in like manner while further study and congressional guidance is obtained. The most problematic policies in this category are those addressing the presence of transgender individuals in the military.

The letter goes on to make a strong case that social engineering isn’t good for the military, an argument supported by Rebecca Hagelin at the Washington Times.  Hagelin made the point the military has been used over the past few years to foist a social agenda on America:

President Obama and his cohorts viewed the Department of Defense primarily as a large and convenient tool that he, as commander in chief, could use at will to “transform America.”

It is a truism that social (primarily sexual) activists discovered the US military was an extremely effective means through which they could influence the rest of society.  They discovered there was no more powerful image than a person willing to sacrifice their life for their country — and they believed that appropriating that image could sway public opinion to accept (if not normalize) behaviors previously considered immoral and even deviant.

They were proven correct.

Arguably, much of the military has been distracted by the intensity of its efforts to instill a new social order.  Religious liberty has suffered, as well, because the directives either failed to consider the impact on troops of faith, or the initial analysis that it would have no impact on religious troops has been proven wishful thinking (see, for example, the implementation plan for repeal of DADT).

The Project asks for one more short term item [emphasis added]:

Further, the Trump Administration should discontinue funding and directing personnel resources for special-interest events, including LGBT-Pride Month events in June, which do not strengthen military readiness.

The relative quiet from President Trump’s White House on LGBT issues has sexual activists concerned Trump won’t issue a “celebrate gay pride” announcement for June — while President Trump’s mixed signals, as well as the fact Trump has yet to install most of his own DoD leadership, have concerned conservatives that his DoD will make such an announcement. (A few lower-level commands have already put out their own “gay pride” announcements.)

Similarly, there are also cries of unfairness because two military academy cadets have been unable to commission as officers — because they identified as “transgender.”  Current policies only allow serving transgenders to be in the military.  New “transgender” officers cannot be commissioned because the policy has not been written.  President Trump’s DoD could, in theory, decide not to write that policy.

The call for moral leadership is there. The only question is who will respond.

You can read the full letter here.



  • Anonymous Patriot

    Hopefully, President Trump will choose military readiness. Protecting this nation is more important than making a bunch of thin-skinned deviants feel special. Thin-skinned deviants that should not be in the military at all, I might add, as somebody with such thin-skin shouldn’t be in fighting wars.

    President Trump promised a military 100 years ahead of the rest of the world, the ball is in his court…

  • Transferring military funds to, anti-heterosexual, anti-Christian policies that support any coupling, except traditional Judeo-Christian, is a good coupling….ugh. Liberal military DoubleThink mixes in honor murders, enslavement of certain women, and child sex slavery, (pro-Islam indoctrination). No wonder there are so many suicides. Trumps newest actions, (vs. his talk) allow deviancy to ride roughshod over military effectiveness. Are there any heterosexuals that enjoy showering with a same sex that looks at them with lust? Any heterosexuals enjoy homosexuals being held to lower standards with special privileges? Enjoy being ridiculed and/or court martialed for professing Christ? Trump promised a military 100 years ahead of everyone else. His 2018 mil budget is less than what even the lib congress wants. How is a homosexualized AF, futuristic, that purchases F-35’s which get trounced by antique F-16’s in real dog fights? Whose rice bowl is overflowing by forcing the AF to buy A-10’s they don’t want? Has anyone figured the unintended consequences of just one tranny in the cockpit? Ongoing sensitivity training? Hostility from and to crews that service the aircraft? Segregated living spaces? What are the extra costs in new background investigations and down time? Changes causing reassignments? Ripple effect? AF even has sites for airmen with AIDS. Why is the AF forced to buy and use the much weaker 30mm Aden anti-armor round in the unwanted A-10, than the full-house 30mm used in the Apache? Jokes because it’s more lady-like? Rampant jokes are hilarious if you don’t think of the realities. Commissioned Lesbian Officers; CLO’s– etiquette and salutes. Why did the Army change the name of the Mounted Warrior program to the Future Warrior program? Many AF uniform, rank and AFSC cartoons. I hope and pray for a military that returns to a Reagan level; trusting in Jesus along with esprit de corps. Writing Trump does no good, and almost no one in DC cares for us, “little people”. I pray for our Lord Jesus to come. Those that took the ultimate deal, know how it turns out. “To live is Christ. To die is gain”. Watch the world dying, while you shine the light of His glory! It’s never too late for Salvation. Sole Deo Gloria!