UPDATE: Mikey Weinstein Claims Multiple Muslim Military Wives Assaulted

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s ego was apparently stung by the now public accusation he was using an old, pre-election story to justify his claims that Donald Trump’s election had inspired an increase in “radical Christians” in the US military.  On Friday, Weinstein went out of his way to directly respond to an article published the day prior at the Christian Post which highlighted the issue from the Newsweek article:

Weinstein said that there was a more recent incident of a Muslim woman being harassed at a commissary that, while similar to an incident from years earlier, nevertheless happened to a different member of the military.

That’s fascinating. Over the past 8 years Mikey Weinstein has told only three such stories.  All three were military wives.  All three were Muslims. All three occurred in a military commissary. Two of the three were allegedly surrounded and spit on.

Coincidence?  Trend?  Fabrication?

If Weinstein’s stories are true, three is certainly a trend — and two outright assaults is unconscionable. As serious as those events were, surely there is some public information: a news article, a public statement from the relevant military commander, a statement from CAIR, a police report, even a statement from Mikey Weinstein at the time of the assault demanding action.

Yet, Weinstein provides nothing.  There is no public information about these very significant events except Mikey Weinstein’s word.  When asked to support his allegations, he said

He could not disclose too many details about the two incidents due to attorney-client privilege.

How convenient.

For those that know him, it is evident Mikey Weinstein has an apparent aversion to the truth. Weinstein has, on more than one occasion, claimed past incidents were caused by future events. Weinstein has changed significant details of a story as the story grew older — apparently to make it more ‘shocking’ and headline-worthy.

And yet Weinstein responds to questions about the unusually coincidental — suspicious? — nature of his allegations with ‘sorry, you’ll just have to trust me.’

You know what that and 25 cents will get you — and, fortunately, so does everyone else who read that ChristianPost article.

Nice job, Mikey.