Army Nominee Mark Green Faces Homosexual Movement’s Religious Test

If critics can stop Mark Green from serving because of his Christian beliefs — will they next target Christians already serving in the military?

Opponents of Mark Green, President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of the Army, have been piling on for the past couple of days and have now solidified on arguing about when — not if — Green will withdraw from consideration.

Mark Green is in a similar position to many Christians in this country. It is politically palatable to misrepresent, caricature, and attack his beliefs — and there are entire organizations built around the advocacy of sexual behavior more than willing to oppose him being allowed to serve in government. Ashley Broadway’s homosexual activist AMPA is just one, repeatedly calling on its followers to “call your Senator!” to oppose Green.

By contrast, there are no organizations doing the same in defense of Green, at least publicly.  (Fortunately, calls by members of the US military to Congress are protected communications.)

As was said previously, Mark Green’s nomination is a test of sorts for the homosexual community.

Do homosexuals really care only if you can “shoot straight”? Is their loyalty greatest to their sexual community, or to the US Constitution?

Hundreds of thousands of US troops share the same values as Mark Green, yet no one bats an eye when Broadway or those like her declare Green’s beliefs “dangerous” or a tragedy for the US military. They are free to denigrate Christian US troops from their position of protected privilege — because some apparently believe their sexuality trumps religious liberty.

If the homosexual movement can successfully prevent a man from serving as Secretary of the Army because his religious beliefs make him “unfit”, as they are attempting to do, how long will it be before they say the same thing about every potential US service member: Christians need not apply?

Homosexual activists are proposing the ultimate religious test for government service: If you hold Christian beliefs, you may not serve — Article VI of the US Constitution notwithstanding.

Ironic, isn’t it?

May God bless Mark Green and the men and women like him who would serve their country. God knows America needs them.