Report: Air Force to Review Terrorism Course after CAIR Complaint

Writing at FrontPageMag, Paul Sperry reports the US military has agreed to review a course at the Air Force Special Operations School taught by Patrick Dunleavy, following a complaint from CAIR about Dunleavy’s outside associations. (Michael “Mikey” Weinstein had tried to hitch his wagon to CAIR’s complaint.)

Sperry’s piece cites no sources but does quote Dunleavy’s reaction, leading to the conclusion Dunleavy is the source of the information.

The portrayal of the Air Force’s action is a bit odd. For one thing, the article makes the (accurate) point that Dunleavy’s course was already reviewed, when the DoD did a (controversial) broad sweep of its programs for material that might be offensive to Muslims some time ago.

Further, the article says the Air Force went out of its way to assign a Muslim chaplain to review the course. Assigning a single person to conduct such a “review” seems unlikley, if not unwise. Assigning a chaplain — of any faith — to be the sole reviewer of academic course material — rather than to act as an advocate or subject matter expert — similarly seems…strange.

Finally, there’s the anecdote that the review is already on chaplain #2, after someone objected to the Air Force’s first choice:

Air Force chaplain Walid Habash is expected to begin reviewing slides from Dunleavy’s lesson material later this week, despite the fact that he received his Islamic education from a radical Muslim Brotherhood school in Virginia.

Habash was substituted last week for Muslim military chaplain Rafael Lantigua after Air Force brass learned of his radical associations, apparently for the first time.

It turns out that Lantigua sits on the board of directors of an Islamist group with a radical cleric who ran a New York mosque where the terrorists who plotted to bomb synagogues in the Bronx were radicalized. That 2009 case — which touches the cleric, Imam Salahuddin Muhammad — is one of Dunleavy’s presentation slides…

Once this information came to light, and questions were raised over how impartial Lantigua, who holds the rank of captain, could be regarding the subject of Islamic radicalization in the prisons, Air Force brass began a search for a new Muslim chaplain to review Dunleavy’s lesson plan.

The article makes no apologies for its less than positive view of the chaplains’ associations — somewhat ironic, given Dunleavy is currently being harassed because of his own associations.

Despite playing second-fiddle to CAIR, Mikey Weinstein will no doubt take credit for this “investigation” — much as he claimed to be responsible for the US Air Force closing an entire unit of fighter aircraft (notwithstanding the fact the decision was made years before he mentioned it). Weinstein will use the “victory” and validation of his cause to raise money for his “charity” — the donations to which will fund little more than Mikey Weinstein’s personal vendetta.

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