Navy School Changes Command Under Divine Authority

As reported by the Navy, aptly named US Navy CAPT Steve Moses took over the Naval Chaplaincy School and Center at the end of March.  (Last year, it was CAPT Moses who said requiring US Sailors and their families to mirror Islamic customs during Ramadan “support[s] religious freedom.”)

The Navy Chief of Chaplains, Chaplain (RAdm) Margaret Kibben, was the guest speaker, and she had the notable quote for the day [emphasis added]:

She challenged Capt. Moses to, “Wear the mantle, and do so with authority, with the responsibility that has been granted to you by the One who is the author of all these things.”

Had Chaplain Kibben been a white male Southern Baptist (as opposed to a female endorsed by the liberal Presbyterian Church (USA)), Michael “Mikey” Weinstein would have accused Chaplain Kibben of violating her oath, putting God above government, etc., etc., — and he’d be calling for a 21st century crucifixion.

Fortunately for Chaplain Kibben, Mikey Weinstein is anything but consistent.