Hollywood and the Cultural Normalization of Homosexuality

At The Federalist, Eric Van Gorden writes on recent movies that “Subtly Destroy Kids’ Understanding Of Family And Reality.”

Lest we jump the cliff too soon: Movies can be what families make of them. Some families may watch material with potentially objectionable content or storylines for the purpose of using them as educational tools for their children. Others may not, others may not even stop to think about what they (and their children) are watching — while still others may simply not care.

But near the end of his article Van Gorden does make a very good point about the recent and controversial live-action version of Beauty and the Beast:

Disney has written only a handful of new elements into the movie to make it more progressive. There is no actual homosexual activity or conversation (this would still be too offensive to most parents).

However, there is a specific objective to normalize homosexual activity so that, one day very soon, the God-ordained family structure will be so undermined they will be able to promote openly this LGBT agenda to our children.

In other words, homosexuality was inserted just enough to be noticeable without offending the current sensibilities of many Americans — and many Christians, who apparently turned out in droves to see the movie. (Even that little apparently did offend the Islamic guardians of Malaysia.) The homosexual references, though, were one step less subtle than that on display in the last Star Trek film.

Van Gorden accurately concludes Hollywood is gradually desensitizing Americans to homosexuality. It’s an intentional effort to normalize homosexuality, as even homosexual advocates explicitly admit. Matt Cain, editor of the homosexual activist Attitude website, said

This is a watershed moment for Disney. By representing same-sex attraction in this short but explicitly gay scene, the studio is sending out a message that this is normal and natural.

Van Gorden concluded [emphasis added]:

Many of the mainstream reviews concluded what’s the big deal? There isn’t any overt homosexual content. However, that is exactly the point; the whole objective is to make this seemingly insignificant gay behavior part of everyday normal activity which every child just needs to learn to accept.

Hollywood is seeking to make normal what is abnormal…

Walt Disney wasn’t necessarily a moral icon, but he at least attempted to create the perception of virtuous behavior. (For example, he was reportedly a chain smoker but avoided smoking around children.) He’d probably roll over in his grave over the idea of a movie with his name promoting the normalcy of homosexuality.

Still, it’s an entertainment industry in a free country. They’re entitled to create the content they want — and they want the content they think will sell. If dollar signs are any indication, Beauty and the Beast sold very well — homosexuality and all.

The stampede of culture will continue — the approaching cliff notwithstanding. The question isn’t what the culture will do; the question is what you will do. You can try to remain neutral, but ultimately you will have only two paths: You will influence the culture, or you will be influenced by it.

Which path will you choose?

Then Jesus told His disciples, “If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me.  For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.
Matthew 16:24-25



  • Anonymous Patriot

    Let’s be honest here, Disney is not pushing an agenda.

    What is really going on is that The Walt Disney Company wants to score brownie-points with LGBTs, women, and non-white races. That is why they are doing this; because the company has been labeled “sexist”, “racist”, “bigoted”, and any other prejudicial adjective under the sun since the 1970s. Disney simply fears the Leftist Thought-Police on social media, the same bigoted thought-police that attacked CFP’s article on Kristin Goodwin.

  • Two men dancing hardly represents “homosexual content”. Most parents said this version of Beauty and the Beast added several very frightening wolf pack attacks on Bells father that bothered more children then anything else in this movie. Other parents overwhelming agreed that most children under 13 had no idea about the implication of same gender attraction and just thought that 2 second dancing scene was just funny.

    The official PG rating states: Sexual Content: Infrequent, mild sexual innuendo including remarks implying same gender attraction. Females are seen in cleavage revealing dresses and modest underwear. Three males are briefly seen wearing dresses, two men briefly dance together. Men and women embrace and kiss.

    For any child to see this movie would ultimately rest with their parents permission and they are solely responsible to determine if their child goes or not.

    I understand the desire to protect our children, however, the implication that this movie was anyway made to influence the LGBT agenda is ridiculous.