Alex McFarland: Mikey Weinstein Debate to Create a Friendship

As previously noted, Dr. Alex McFarland recently participated in a four-person debate with Michael “Mikey” Weinstein. Within the debate, it was refreshing to hear Dr. McFarland articulate a defense of the virtue of religious freedom, including military religious freedom.

Mikey Weinstein didn’t say anything he hasn’t already said a dozen times over the past decade — except to directly contradict Dr. McFarland’s assertion that a Christian who witnesses to another doesn’t do so because they consider them less of a person or otherwise devalue their existence.

As to why McFarland would debate Weinstein in the first place, he told OneNewsNow:

McFarland says his purpose was to “build a bridge” with the atheist, creating a friendship that allows a future discussion about the gospel.

Wonder if Mikey Weinstein knows he has people who pray daily for his salvation.