US Air Force Reprograms F-16 to Attack Target. Without a Pilot.

Older models of the F-16 have been made into target drones for a couple of years now. Just recently, however, a QF-16 was reprogrammed to fly autonomously and attack a ground target.

Not only that, but the programmed F-16 responded to a threat on the way into the target and then continued to the target:

During the flight demonstration, an experimental F-16 aircraft acted as a surrogate Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) autonomously reacting to a dynamic threat environment during an air-to-ground strike mission…

Lockheed Martin says the systems are being developed to support “Loyal Wingman” technology, which will presumably allow manned and unmanned aircraft to “team” in future warfare.

But if you can take the man out of one cockpit, how hard is it to take the man out of the others?


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  • Anonymous Patriot

    The question should be, “If you take the man out of the cockpit, how long before the weapon gets hacked?”

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