US Marine Officer on Christ’s Influence on His Life

The US Air Force routinely publishes personal profiles on its Airmen in a series called “Through Airmen’s Eyes.” The Marine Corps does something similar, with the series titled “What I’ve Learned.”

A recent subject of that series was Capt Jason Samuel, who tells his story in the first person:

My family and I were very involved in the church. Growing up in the church has influenced every decision I’ve made because understanding that Christ is my sole purpose, motivates and drives me to do things in a different way; to live out my faith as a Marine, a husband and a person. It influences absolutely every aspect in my life.

Samuel is currently the Aide-de-Camp for the Commanding General at Twentynine Palms, BGen William Mullen.

It’s admirable that Capt Samuel has the strength of faith to speak so boldly about Christ, particularly given the sometimes-hostile culture. Coincidentally, the US military has recently rebuffed a few demands by Michael “Mikey” Weinstein to censure Air Force officers for publicly saying their faith is the foundation for their lives — including their professional lives.

Expressing religious faith is a clearly and explicitly protected right, even within the US military, and even by the General’s Aide-de-Camp.  Incidentally, the Marines have the longest record of thumbing their nose at Mikey Weinstein’s attempts to restrict religious freedom in the military.

The best part? Capt Samuel is a Christian Marine lawyer.