Calling all Daniels: General Warner Calls for Ambassadors for Christ

Retired USAF BGen David Warner, Executive Director of Officers’ Christian Fellowship, recently wrote about the changing nature of the military environment — and the challenge it presents to Christians today:

When I served, our on-base neighbors had traditional marriages. I didn’t know what sexual dysphoria was. No one mentioned that they had a different sexual orientation. I bring up these points not to rail against our current culture, but to highlight how vastly different the military environment is today…

Gen Warner notes, though, that isn’t just the military culture [emphasis added]: 

Complicating it even further are the many self-professing Christians whom pastor Craig Groeschel calls “Christian atheists.” Although proclaiming a knowledge of and even love for Christ, their lives don’t reflect such. And when combined with the perception that openly practicing Christianity is frowned upon, many live out their professional [military] lives unaffected by their faith.

In conveying what military Christians need to do today, Gen Warner quotes Chaplain (Col) Marc Gauthier, who wrote in “Following a certain God in an uncertain world” [emphasis added]:

As God’s people in the military struggle with policies running counter to a biblical worldview, it’s helpful to understand and practice the example of Daniel…Remaining prayed-up and under the authority of God, he willingly assumed risk when confronted with the unexpected challenges of living in a godless society. Daniel stood faithfully for his God-centered convictions, yet communicated them in a humble, gentle spirit.

Gen Warner summarizes [emphasis added]:

We are in desperate need today of godly male and female Daniels to serve as Christ’s ambassadors in our military.

The military needs ambassadors for Christ in uniform — Daniels who will stand faithfully, and humbly, for their convictions in a potentially hostile world.

What will you do?