Military Homosexual Group Loses White House Access

Ashley Broadway, the “devout Christian” homosexual activist who has used military spouses to make a point about sexuality, recently gave an interview reported at The Hill. She recounts her story without much new detail, but then reveals an interesting tidbit [emphasis added]:

After raking in wins under former President Barack Obama, the AMPA is hunkering down for uncertain times under President Trump.

Since the inauguration, the AMPA has lost contact with the White House and the Pentagon, Broadway-Mack said. She attributes that both to jobs not being filled yet and to being purposefully ignored.

While they’ve portrayed themselves as an oppressed minority, the homosexual movement has had wide access to policy makers and military leaders for years. This reportedly included President Obama, with Broadway’s AMPA often vaunting its frequent invitations to White House events.

The access also clearly included Eric Fanning, who was the “highest ranking open homosexual” in the Department of Defense as he bounced around appointee positions at the top of the DoD. Fanning was the keynote speaker at Broadway’s AMPA annual gay galawhile he was nominated to be Secretary of the Army, a position he would take just a couple of weeks after the AMPA party.

Why an activist group that formed based on the sexual practices of its members even had special access to the White House and the Pentagon defies explanation, but it could provide some explanation for the “successes” of their efforts to use the military as a tool for social engineering.

Broadway and her fellow activists appear to have lost their special privilege, and — potentially — may now be forced to face the reality of equal protection of rights and liberties under the law, including the protection of religious liberties that may otherwise conflict with her own personal agenda.