Three Airmen Die in U-28A Crash

Three US Air Force Airmen died in a U-28A crash on Tuesday:

Capt. Andrew Becker, 33, was a pilot for the 318th Special Operations Squadron. He was from Novi, Michigan, and is survived by his spouse, mother and father.

Capt. Kenneth Dalga, 29, was a combat systems officer for the 318th SOS. He was from Goldsboro, North Carolina, and is survived by his spouse, son and mother.

First Lt. Frederick Dellecker, 26, was a co-pilot for the 318th SOS. He was from Daytona Beach, Florida, and is survived by his mother and father.

Lt Dellecker was a 2013 US Air Force Academy graduate.

Early reports seem to indicate the crew was doing basic pattern work in a recently modified aircraft. The incident is a tragic reminder of the danger inherent in the military aviation profession.

The U-28A (no name) is a Pilatus PC-12 modified for use by Special Operations forces.


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