As Politicians Debate, Air Force Praises Immigration

In an awkwardly timed piece on “Immigrant Airmen,” the US Air Force published profiles on five Airmen from the deployed 407th Air Expeditionary Group who immigrated to the United States.

As a nation founded by immigrants, the U.S. has long drawn its strength through the diversity of its citizens.

The complexity of global challenges the U.S. faces today can only be overcome by capitalizing on all the resources at its disposal, including leveraging its greatest strength – its people.

It’s probably a bit of melodrama for an article on immigrant diversity to say it is the only way the Nation can overcome “global challenges.” Still, the general sentiment is understood.

What is unusual is the US Air Force stepping into politics, as President Trump — who ultimately commands the Air Force — has faced criticism for his immigration policies, primarily through the past two executive orders.  One of those executive orders respecting immigration came out just before this Air Force article — on immigration — was published.

While it is not unusual for the Air Force (and other branches) to publish personal interest stories, including personal interest stories about immigrants, those stories are generally about the people — whereas this official Air Force article went out of its way to bring the focus not on people, but explicitly on “immigration.”

When the Commander-in-Chief is criticized (if inaccurately) as trying to restrict immigration while his subordinate military branches publish articles praising immigration, it seems as if some wires may have been crossed.

Coincidence? Possibly — even likely. That said, some people seem to think perception is more important than reality, and the perception of this Air Force immigration article in the current political environment could be quite different than intended.


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  • Anonymous Patriot

    I think the Air Force needs a reality-check. Donald Trump is the President now, he is in command of the armed forces; deal with it.