Mikey Weinstein Finds Homage in Air Force Toons

The comic strip of the Air Force Times recently took a swipe at the ever-present malcontent Michael “Mikey” Weinstein:

Weinstein, never one to pass on free publicity, immediately issued a press release and even paid for an advertisement on Facebook proclaiming the “huge homage“. (It would seem he needs to look up the definition of that word.)  Where Mikey Weinstein apparently feels he has “arrived,” others see (the reality) that Mikey Weinstein has become a cultural punch line.

Of course, the beauty of a successful lampoon is that its subjects don’t even see it.  In that regard, it seems artist Austin “Farva” May succeeded in spades. (And yes, that’s the same Austin May who designed the RPA wings for the US Air Force in 2009.)  That said, there’s also something to be said for a successful commercial endeavor being received by a larger audience, something May also seems to have accomplished.

Reached for comment, May said simply [emphasis added]

While I certainly appreciate that art – in this case, comics – can be interpreted however the reader chooses, this strip was in no way meant to show support or endorsement for any organization or viewpoint. It’s simply a neutral and lighthearted take on a current issue, and no one should assume I take a stand on either side.

So while Mikey Weinstein strokes his ego and his acolytes high-five in the comments section, his critics have been sitting back and smiling.

Air Force Toons (c) AirForceTimes 2017.



  • Unfortunately, I’m afraid your take on the text is wishful thinking. A clear reading of the toon advances Mr Weinstein’s single tune: AF leaders use their power to shove religion down the throats of Airmen with impunity; MRFF is their only hope.

    It is a cartoonish claim in light of reality within the military, but the AF Times, for reasons that appear more ideological than financial, has appointed itself as MRFF’s press desk. Despite the artist’s feeble protests to the contrary, the cartoon graphically expresses the obvious sentiments the rag has maintained for far too long.

    In this way, at least, the AF Times is simply bad for Airmen. And that’s no joke.

    • @Jacob Wright
      That’s certainly one way to look at it.

      It is a cartoonish claim in light of reality…

      Well played. That’s also why Weinstein has become the butt of jokes and a punch line.