USMC Commandant on Respect, Gender, Sexual Preference (Video)

Commandant of the Marine Corps General Robert Neller released a video addressing the social media “nude photo scandal” saying, among other things, that those who participated or were aware but did not report it were “not true warriors.”

He also said [emphasis added]: 

Our Corps does not care where you come from, whether you’re rich or poor, or whether you’re a man or woman, what your sexual preference may be, only that you have the discipline, drive, and commitment to be a US Marine…

It’s an interesting list of focus areas. First, it is notable because the term “sexual preference” is supposedly pejorative (as it implies homosexuals, etc., “prefer” or have a choice, vice are “born this way”). Second, realize this is the four-star General in charge of the entire US Marine Corps, and of the four characteristics he cited, two were associated with sex/gender.

Assuming “where you come from” implied family lineage, there was only one notable omission: religion. The omission may be an indicator of where the focus has been with regard to “diversity” and tolerance within the US military over the past couple of years — as US government officials have indicated “sex trumps religion.”

To be fair, however, the US Marine Corps has probably been the most resistant to attacks on religion and religious freedom (by Michael “Mikey” Weinstein), in large part because the Marines have the least tolerance for politically correct or hypersensitive shenanigans, Weinstein’s trademark.

Watch the video:

Via the Stars and Stripes.


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