An Alternate View on NASIC and Mikey Weinstein

[S]ome employees of the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base could use some counseling on what diversity really means when they are ready to go to court over a charity’s religious affiliation…

Mikey Weinstein may have a wonderful second career as boss of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation and he probably believes that he represents “victims” of religious intolerance. Thus, he is empowered to enforce his view that religion has no place in the military…This is diversity? This is tolerance?

Weinstein’s strafing mission should be shot down with a barrage of civility, understanding and respect for others and more than a little education in what the country’s founders — imperfect as all of us remain today — had in mind. WILLIAM H. WILD, OAKWOOD

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s acolyte has been particularly active in Ohio, making the VA and Wright Patterson (including NASIC) the source of a significant number of MRFF complaints.

It seems not everyone else agrees, however.

Incidentally, the MRFF isn’t Weinstein’s second career — it’s probably closer to his tenth. Weinstein’s various money-making ventures over the years are fascinating, spanning the spectrum from batteries, to software and technology, to hunting down deadbeat dads. Not all of those were successful, unfortunately. (Your career can’t be doing too well when your employer essentially files a “settlement agreement” to have you leave after about a year.) Even now, he has “moonlighted” in a six-figure deal (with himself) in his MIBON Consulting.

(It must be a popular thing to do; even his underpaid research assistant Chris Rodda went in with former MRFF “client” Paul Loebe and started their own “Organic Promotions.”)

If nothing else, his lengthy resume of short jobs is a statement on Mikey Weinstein’s financial drive and his entrepeneurship — which should give you some perspective on why he started his “charity”, and why he’s the only paid officer — and why he’s so highly paid.


  • This is so good. Had no idea that Weinstein sold batteries. I think Mikey would make a great ambulance chaser.

    • @BF
      Mikey Weinstein was hired as a VP at Electrosource in October 1994 — and he was seemingly canned less than a year later in September 1995. His departure was apparently so contested it required a settlement agreement.

      Probably not the kind of thing you want to highlight on your resumé — but potentially a trend item for Mikey: He also claims he threatened to sue the Air Force over the terms of his separation. Seems he has a problem transitioning from his prior employment…

  • Very interesting information to have! Speaks volumes about who he really is.