Mikey Weinstein: Trump Inaugural, Sky Falling. Send Money.

Michael “Mikey” Weinstein has nearly come unhinged in the past few days as he’s posted frothing attacks at soon-to-be President Donald Trump and his incoming administration — aligning those attacks, of course, with a televangelist-style plea that people send him money — because he is their only hope.

As with everyone else he dislikes, Weinstein called Trump and those associated with him names, including declaring Trump a “dictator.” That Trump was voluntarily and lawfully elected by more than 60 million Americans — in an outcome even Hillary Clinton accepted — appears to have escaped the fact-challenged Weinstein.

Naturally, Mikey Weinstein doesn’t cite a single thing about Trump that would justify him being called a dictator. In fact, Weinstein doesn’t cite anything about Trump at all, preferring instead to rail against his nominees or inaugural participants. Nor does Weinstein provide evidence to support his claim Trump’s presidency will

see theocratic Dominionist precepts take hold with the stripping of rights and benefits from LGBT, women, Muslims and other non-Christians, and the poor…

Weinstein forgot all the little puppies Trump and his supporters want to drown, too.

Weinstein’s claims are moronic — but even he probably knows that. This is just his latest attempt to be sensational, with the ultimate goal of attracting attention and money (a substantial portion of which will go directly to his paycheck). If he’s really lucky, maybe Trump will “tweet” about him — and then Weinstein will have “arrived.”

No sane person believes Donald Trump or his administration are going to try to “christianize” America. Donald Trump hasn’t even demonstrated that he’s “christianized” himself. So does Mikey Weinstein actually believe that, or is he just trying to profit (literally) from a little demagoguery?  In either case, Mikey Weinstein comes out looking the fool.

Just in case, though, someone should get Weinstein a tinfoil hat.

With the Bibles and chocolates he and Chris Rodda are already up for, we may need to start an MRFF wish list.


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