Air Force Chief of Chaplains Preaches Resilience

The Air Force Chief of Chaplains, Chaplain (MajGen) Dondi Costin, recently visited Osan Air Base, Korea, and spoke on resilience — via the pillar of spiritual fitness:

“Spiritual fitness is you deciding and determining what your purpose and your meaning is in life; what values you have and then living by those values,” said Costin. “All resilience is, is you having the attitudes and behaviors and beliefs and the community around you to make sure you can take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’.”

Though he has been criticized by some activists, Chaplain Costin appears to be well received by Airmen who appreciate his messages — as well as his behind the scenes protection of religious liberty attacked by those same activists.

Chaplain Costin’s message on resilience is simple and to the point. The only regrettable but understandable shortcoming is the lack of discussion on what those “values” actually are — because there’s no guarantee the values people choose to live by are virtuous.