“Majority” of Nuclear Aircraft Carrier Crew Voted for Donald Trump

The Associated Press covered the recent return of the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69) to Norfolk, VA. The article opened by recounting a short quote from a lesbian Sailor:

Sailing on the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lara Runge placed a rare phone call to her wife Jessica…on Election Day.

The women prayed together “for the safety of our country and that equality would remain consistent.” Both supported Hillary Clinton, while the majority of the ship’s crew voted for President-elect Donald Trump, said Runge…

Statistically, Runge may be correct, as the US military stereotypically leans Republican, but in truth it’s highly unlikely she really knows how the thousands of other Sailors on her ship voted. Still, it is interesting to hear her — with some apparent disappointment — characterize her beliefs of the politics of the crew.

She went further, though, and took a sideways swipe at her shipmates:

“You have a lot of diversity in the Navy,” she said. “But there are a lot of people who don’t feel that’s best for the Navy.”

Regrettably, Petty Officer Runge appears to have succumbed to the politically correct idea that sexuality can be diverse, but other things shouldn’t be.  Call it what you will, but it seems likely a “diverse” group of people who felt left out of the “diverse” fabric of America over the past few years — whether because of political ideology, religion, race, what-have-you — decided to elect Donald Trump, including some of her fellow Sailors.

Supporting Donald Trump wasn’t a vote against diversity, nor a vote against what is “best for the Navy.”  In many respects, it was a vote for diversity — including diversity of thought, religion, and expression.

Notice that within seconds of citing the “diversity” in thought and political views on her ship, Petty Officer Runge turned around and criticized that very diversity — she apparently doesn’t think that kind of diversity is “best for the Navy.”

Pro tip: It isn’t “diversity” when everyone thinks the same as you.

It’s amazing how easily that is forgotten by some.


  • Anonymous Patriot

    I am not surprised by the fact that most of the crew voted for Donald Trump.

    I hope Petty Officer Runge read this:

    The United States Department of Defense has heavily leaned Republican because the Republican Party is the only one that actually supports the military today. During the Bush years, it was not the Republican Party who picketed service-members returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan, nor was it the Republican Party who spent those eight-years egging recruiting-centers, slashing the tires of service-members on leave, vandalizing war memorials, burning soldier effigies on Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day, and parading in front of dismembered Walter Reed Army Medical Center patients while wearing orange jumpsuits. It was all the Democratic Party; and those few good Democrats who stood up for our service-members were derisively called “Bushites” for doing so.

    Today, the wounds of disrespect still persist, particularly because Democrats use social media to spout the same vile, Vietnam-era rhetoric toward service-members via the anonymity of social media. I remember how top Democrats cheered the death of Chris Kyle on Twitter, many claiming that he deserved its fate.

    Tell me, Petty Officer, does it make sense for service-members to support such people?

    Today, President Obama has been using the military as a guinea pig for social justice causes, but the military would rather have a President that will get them the budget they need to do their job.

    What makes the better sense; supporting those who use them as sociology lab-rats, or supporting those who will end the sequester?

    Here is food for your thoughts: “Equality” means an equal share of consequences, as well as an equal share of rights. If you are unwilling to bear the consequences, you have no business calling for equality.

    • I am a not affiliated with a particular party, but if I had to label it I’d pick Independent (not a Johnson or Weld supporter either). I also know a hundred or so Military (or affiliated), god-fearing (more than half) democrats and not one of them disrespect our service members….EVER!! Where did you get the data that says there are only a “few good democrats” Anonymous–Fox news?

      Some of the democrats I know voted Independent or Republican because they thought these were better choices than Hillary. Anonymous, you are barking up the wrong tree!

  • Anonymous Patriot


    What I said is the truth. I saw it with my own eyes on television and in-person. On television, the so called “trustworthy” news channels like NBC and CNN played nothing but the vile, dehumanizing protests against our veterans, and it was all done by Democrats. In-person, I had to drive by recruiting centers for the Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps on the way to community college, and it was the same thing; vile Democrats carrying signs that said things like “We’ll support our military when they kill their officers!” and, “F— the Troops!”

    You’re accusation of me barking up the wrong tree is proof that you didn’t read my comment. Furthermore, you knowing a small number of Democrats who aren’t hateful towards our military is hardly convincing evidence against me. I suggest you learn to use Twitter; then you’ll see what I have seen.