Christian Fighter Pilot Defends Football Coach Fired for Praying

High School football coach Joe Kennedy was fired for praying at the 50-yard line after his team’s games. He has since sued the Bremerton School District for illegally terminating him for his religious expression.

In November, Chad Hennings, a Christian and former Air Force A-10 pilot, filed an amicus brief (PDF) supporting the call for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to allow the injunction requiring the school district to reinstate Coach Kennedy.

Mr. Hennings attributes much of his success to lessons imparted to him by the men who coached him throughout his scholastic and professional athletic endeavors, and who encouraged his dreams to serve his country and to play professional football. He thus shares [the] concern about judicial decisions that may impair a coach’s ability to speak freely and abide by his or her conscience and religious convictions.

It is admirable and noble that Hennings would continue to be involved in these kinds of religious liberty issues, supporting his peers in their ability to live their faith within their profession — whatever that profession might be.  Chad Hennings also founded Wingmen Ministries.

Coach Kennedy’s conduct was about as benign as it could get: He knelt silently, initially by himself, on the field after the game was over. Players came to him and asked to join him, to which he responded “It’s a free country.”

Perhaps not so free, some seem to think.