US Army Chaplain Prayed West Point to Victory

pawlikowskiprayerPhoto credit: Benny Johnson

Benny Johnson at the Independent Journal Review apparently attended the near-historic Army-Navy football game last week, and he watched a uniformed officer “take a knee”:

Much has been made of people kneeling during patriotic moments at football games this year. However, the kneeling going on in the final moments of Army’s historic victory over Navy Saturday night in Baltimore was a welcome sight, a least for the Black Knight hopeful.

West Point Chaplain Matthew Pawlikowski could be found on his knees, feet from the field, fiercely praying the Rosary for at least the last ten minutes of the game. In that time, Army took a commanding 21-17 lead — they stopped the ever-dangerous Midshipmen offense in their tracks and clung to the victory.

Chaplain (COL) Pawlikowski is, by all reports, a true Soldier’s chaplain. The Catholic chaplain is practically famous for his prayers and clear lives life along with the troops he serves. In this case, he said he’d prayed for the safety of the players — and an Army victory.

At the end of the game, the cadets pulled him onto the field to join the celebration.