USAFA Responds to Mikey Weinstein with Common Sense

Much like he has in a few VA hospitals, Michael “Mikey” Weinstein’s “charity” recently tried to make a kerfuffle out of a magazine sitting in a clinic waiting room at the US Air Force Academy. When Pam Zubeck of the local tabloid-esque regional paper asked USAFA for a statement, they gave a pretty understandable reply:

We have not received any complaints regarding the publication you reference. The clinic staff did not place the publication in the waiting area nor are they aware of how it may have been placed there. Often, patients will leave magazines in waiting areas after they have finished reading them. Additionally, the publication you sent us is not a USAFA publication.

Apparently aware he had a pretty weak case — and that USAFA wouldn’t put up with him — Weinstein didn’t even bother to tell USAFA and went straight to the “press,” if Zubeck could be called that.  Weinstein hasn’t loudly publicized this particular loss.