US Air Force Academy to Host Live Nativity

Four years after Jason Torpy’s third-party atheist complaint brought an end to a children’s live nativity in Bahrain, the US Air Force Academy continues the same tradition this week:

The Christmas tree and Hanukah Menorah lighting ceremony begins at 5 p.m. with a Hanukah [sic] and Nativity story performed by children.

In 2012 Jason Torpy, vicariously offended that a Naval base in Bahrain would allow its children to re-enact the nativity scene, filed an IG complaint alleging the kids were violating the US Constitution. The local Navy unit folded, wishing to avoid controversy.

Jason Torpy subsequently received a flood of criticism — much of it calling him a Grinch, and some of it even coming from fellow atheists aghast that he would get worked up over a few kids in bathrobes standing around a plastic baby Jesus.  He tried, with little success, to spin the bad press.

While this may seem unique or extreme, there will always be people willing to attack religious liberty — and there will always be people trying to have the government act as their agent in doing so.

The only question is what you are willing to do to protect military religious freedom — and religious liberty in America.

For their part, it seems like USAFA is supporting the religious liberty of its Airmen and permitting them to exercise their faiths and have a “live Nativity.”

Note USAFA also called the holiday bush a “Christmas tree” and the holiday candelabrum a “Menorah.”

Well done, USAFA.



  • Jason Torpy is a harmless fellow. Here is what you do once he complains:

    Ask him to publicly debate the existence of God, and he will go away, guaranteed.

    This is why he talks tough rhetoric behind his keyboard and will not debate Chaplain Sonny Hernandez, because he knows he will be exposed as another angry (professing) atheist who cannot defend his absurd belief out of a wet paper bag.

  • Anonymous Patriot

    What would I do to protect religious freedom in the military?

    I wish I could take complete control of the military, and among the many changes I would enact, one of them would be purging militant atheists from the military; only allowing moderate atheists, or agnostic atheists, to serve. Then I’d tell the atheists and agnostics remaining, “Suffer in silence, you!” Then, I would tell all the LGBT service members, “Your feelings end where their rights begin. Suffer in silence!”

    Then I would force the F/A-XX to be manned, and speed up production of the USS Enterprise (CVN-80), but that’s another story…