US Army Awards Saint Christopher Medal

The US Army Transportation Corps Regiment actually has an official patron saint — Saint Christopher:

Saint Christopher – the patron saint of the Transportation Corps Regiment – was one of the most popular saints during antiquity and early Middle Ages. Usually pictured carrying Christ and symbolically the weight of the world’s sins across a river, the image of Saint Christopher offers a fitting symbol of strength, loyalty, and safety for Transporters charged with “Moving the Force” now and for all time.

The Transportation Corps formed in 1942, and in 1998 the Army instituted the order of St. Christopher medal to recognize outstanding transporters.

It’s an interesting Army tradition for the Transportation Corps, even if you don’t happen to be Catholic.

Interesting, though, that this type of official association with a saint carrying Jesus Christ won’t generate the complaints that would occur if the inductee had instead said “I believe in Jesus Christ.”


The Saint Christopher image on the Army’s Military Order of Saint Christopher, depicting the carrying of Jesus Christ.