Sentencing in Thwarted Terror Attack, but Christians are the Threat

Alexander Blair has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for assisting in what he believed was an attempt to bomb a US military base in Kansas:

He was accused of loaning $100 to 21-year-old John T. Booker Jr. to store what they thought was an explosive device; prosecutors said Booker intended to detonate it outside Fort Riley in northeast Kansas in support of the Islamic State group. The device was a fake bomb built by FBI informants.

Blair is said to have Williams syndrome, which reportedly makes him “susceptible” to manipulation — but does not prevent him from understanding right and wrong.

Booker, as you may recall, was arrested as he was trying to arm what he believed was a 1,000 pound car bomb outside Fort Riley. Booker had actually started the enlistment process to join the US Army — a process that was terminated when the FBI found out he expressed a desire to emulate Nidal Malik Hasan.

Here’s an interesting perspective on the social conversation right now:

Two men are arrested and charged with an actual (if fake, unknown to them), executed attempt to kill US Soldiers by planting a bomb in Kansas. Booker was explicitly motivated by Islamic extremism. Amazingly, few seem to notice or care, and certainly no one made any claims about Muslims in the US military being a threat to their fellow troops, even knowing Booker tried to enlist to launch an “insider attack.”

By contrast, another group of men planned a bombing of a Muslim-majority apartment complex, also in Kansas. They had no recent connection to the military or Christianity — yet Michael “Mikey” Weinstein tried to turn the incident into an indictment of “Christianity” in the US military. Weinstein actually claimed the US military is going to bring on “carnage” because of Christianity. As is his standard, Weinstein provided no evidence to support his claim, but, amazingly, the Military Times carried his anti-Christian diatribe as an opinion editorial.

Again, actual Islamic terrorists attempt to kill Americans on American soil and no one seems to care — and certainly no Muslims are belittled as a result.

A man claims fictional Christian “sectarianism” in the US military causes “exactly…this kind of terroristic behavior“, and he’s given a platform to spout his hate and bigotry.

If he claimed that public displays associated with Judaism were going to cause “carnage”, would he be so easily granted a platform for his anti-Semitic rage?

It’s almost as if its socially acceptable to bash Christians.


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  • Anonymous Patriot

    I don’t appreciate your sarcasm. You know darn well that it has become socially acceptable to bash Christians in Obama’s America.